Get Runway Ready: A London Fashion Week Edit

Hello and welcome to the Chatterbox revival! We’ve decided to switch things up a bit…

From today we will be posting regular blog articles so that you can get your fashion fix. Our new fashion blogger Lauren will take you on a journey behind the scenes, providing regular Chattertons updates, keeping you posted on exciting new brands and incoming styles, whilst compiling a variety of fashion edits, bringing the Chattertons experience to wherever you may be! 

This week, it’s time to talk about all things London Fashion Week, as Lauren compiles her favourite looks from the catwalk and shows you how you too can become runway ready!





Global Fashion Collection: Alex S. Yu

Rainbow Dreamscape:

The Alex S. Yu runway greeted us with a melange of dreamy tulle and bold and beautiful colour combinations. Think whimsical trains, puffs and pleats that combine to create an ultra feminine silhouette. 
(Photographed by Author at Alex S. Yu FW24 runway, Global Fashion Collective)

Get the Look: 

Falling for this dreamy look? Look no further! Our Estrella dress and cardigan sets from Australian brand Alquema combine an ombre of contrasting colours with floaty, feminine shapes and interesting textures. With an array of colour combinations to choose from, it’s only a question of which one?!



(Photo Credit: Alquema) 


Global Fashion Collective: The Tis  

Neutrals and Knits:


At the Global Fashion Collective show, South Korean label The Tis presented an array of muted tones and ultra feminine knits. Contrary to the eclectic rainbow tones of Alex S. Yu’s designs, The Tis delighted us with a softer, colourpalette, demonstrating a different facet of the approaching season’s trends, teddy bear-esque knits and matching cream cardigans and bonnets. 


(Photographed by Author at The Tis FW24 runway, Global Fashion Collective)



Get the look: 

Crushing on these cosy knits and neutral tones? We have plenty of options to refresh your wardrobe. Sustainability centred brand ‘Mother of Pearl’ (see in store) has a variety of simple but elegant options to peak your interest. Likewise, brands &Isla, Colorush and American Vintage offer a wide range of knits, so you can embrace comfort all year round. 


(Photo Credit: &Isla) 

(Photo Credit: American Vintage) 




Helen Anthony FW24 Runway:  

Blazer Glory!

At Chattertons, we LOVE nothing more than a new jacket, and the Helen Anthony FW24 Runway showed us blazers in abundance! Here are some photos straight from the runway, presenting boxy silhouettes and striking lapels in an array of bold and beautiful colours.


(Photographed by Author at Helen Anthony FW24 Runway)


Get the Look: 

If you’re ready to embrace office glamour, look no further! We have a wide variety of jackets for any occasion. From the sleek silhouettes of Veronica Beard, to the oversized shapes of Joseph and Bella Freud, there really is something for everyone. 


(Photo Credit: Veronica Beard) 

(Photo Credit: Bella Freud) 




Charming Check!

Another major theme spotted on the Helen Anthony runway was a focus on check of all shapes, sizes and colours. Though in some cases, we saw these check motifs making up part of an outfit, we were also presented with pieces made up entirely of the bold design.


    (Photographed by Author at Helen Anthony FW24 Runway)


Get the look: 

Are you as transfixed by this tartan as we are? There’s no need to wait until autumn to incorporate this look into your wardrobe. New spring deliveries from HIGH and Joseph will fulfil all your chequered dreams.


(Photo Credit: HIGH Everyday Couture)


(Photo Credit: Joseph)


(Photo Credit: HIGH Everyday Couture)




Though London Fashion Week has come to a close, it has given us bundles of inspiration for the seasons to come. At Chattertons, we have a myriad of exciting projects under wraps, with a wide range of new brands that we are preparing to launch throughout the year… but that’s a secret for now!
Stay tuned for more exclusive details and updates.



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